Renting an instrument is a great opportunity for every new musician just starting out, not wanting to purchase.

Hoffmann Strings works carefully with your school and teacher to provide the instrumental package you need. Rental contracts are for 3 months and includes insurance. The instrument will be fully covered against fire, theft or accidental damage, with police report. Replacement of broken strings, bow rehair and other normal maintenance will also be provided under this policy.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a great educational experience.  Hoffmann Strings has been recognized as the place to go if you need a quality stringed instrument.   We believe everything should be easy and simple when renting your first stringed instrument.

Hoffmann Strings believes rentals should be high quality AND affordable, because the last thing a musician needs is a faulty instrument. At Hoffmann Strings  sound and quality come FIRST.  Shop around to compare our instruments to ANY of our competitors and hear the difference for yourself!  You won’t be disappointed when you shop at Hoffmann Strings!

Guidelines for Sizing

While it is always preferable to have your child sized by his/her teacher, the following guidelines can help parents determine the proper size instrument for their child.

Extend the left arm straight out, palm facing up. Measure from the base of the neck to the cup of the palm:

23 1⁄2 inches or more: 4/4 violin, 14” or larger viola
22 1⁄2 inches: 3⁄4 violin or 13” viola
20 1⁄2 inches: 1⁄2 violin or 12” viola
18 1⁄2 inches: 1⁄4 violin

The important measurement is a comfortable span between the index finger and the pinky of the left hand:

6 inches or more: 4/4 cello or 3⁄4 bass
5 inches: 3⁄4 cello or 1⁄2 bass
4 inches: 1⁄2 cello or 1⁄4 bass

REMEMBER: These should only be considered general guidelines. It is always far preferable to have your child sized by the teacher.

We provide delivery and service to the LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS for FREE!

Browse our rental products below. Or if you’d prefer you can call us at (847) 478-1163 to place an order. Or you can visit us at the shop at 16571 W Easton Ave. Prairie View/Lincolnshire Illinois 60069

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