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Rental Agreement, Terms, Rules

Rental Agreement, Terms, Rules


Rental Credit Program

Rental credit– Accumulated During the time you rent an instrument from us, you are building up rental equity with each payment. You can accumulate rental equity, which can be applied towards 40% of the purchase price of any instrument. The amount that you accumulate is good for as long as you rent an instrument, regardless of size switches. Rental M&R fee and late fee payments do not apply to purchase.

Promotional or FREE products do not carry any type of insurance, and or warranty as these were given for free.   No Insurance coverage, warranty, exchange or return is allowed for lost and or broken, Books, Rosin, Music Stands, Shoulder Rests.   Example-If the item was taken from the store premises, it was brand new, unused, and undamaged.   Lessee and or contract holder understands this policy when signing and agreeing to the contract terms.

Promotional specials end and are void when you and your student grow into a 7/8 or 4/4 full size, string instrument, This includes a 3/4 bass which is considered a full adult instrument. The full size instrument price is reflected on this contact and website www.hoffmannstringsltd.com.

Bow rehair policy –Normal wear and usage for your instrument will qualify you for a replacement bow at no cost in a 12 month period. If you are replacing your bow within a 12 month period you pay for the repair service.    **If the bow comes into the store NOT loosened and hair is stretched out this will be an automatic replacement charge of $60.00.  Hoffmann Strings will automatically add $10.00 per quarter on your current rental program for bow care negligence.   All rentals have been equipped with brand new bows.

NOT COVERED: Damage due to neglect or willful intent, or instruments that are lost. For an instrument returned with damage due to gross neglect or abuse, you will be charged the full cost of repair of the damage, up to the full replacement cost of the instrument, bow, and case.  Examples include: initials and other carvings in the instrument varnish, instruments left outside or in cars, unattended, loaned to third parties, or subject to extreme temperature conditions.  For a lost instrument, you will be charged the full replacement cost of the instrument, bow, and case.

Certain limitations apply, please call for more details. Lessee has 60 days to use all credits from the date of return or credits are null and void.

Hoffmann Strings Ltd. reserves the right to render this contract null and void if a record of previous collection problems with Hoffmann Strings Ltd. or instrument abuse on prior rentals with our company exists. We reserve the right to increase the rental fee if a history of collection problems and/or instrument abuse existed. Each instrument has been maintained and refurbished through our restoration department before it leaves our store.  Each instrument has been certified by your teacher.  If your child abuses, marks, defaces, and scratches the instrument you have borrowed/rented you will pay the value of the instrument.  By agreeing to the terms when you sign this contract you have agreed to this policy.

New –Hoffmann Strings Expidited Prime Delivery Services offered.

If you wish to have next day Prime Delivery Services you will be charged $100 that is  Non-Refundable. This charge will not apply to any credits towards purchase or discounts.  This is an extra service outside of our regular weekly service scheduals that we provide to your school.  If you do not wish to have this service you are always welcome to visit our store and staff to better serve your needs. 

Returned Check Fee

An additional service fee of $25.00 will be charged if you do not call Hoffmann Strings Ltd. to request instrument pickup. There will be no refund of any type if not notifying us by phone. It is the lessee’s responsibility to call 847.478.1163 for instrument pickup, NOT YOUR SCHOOL.

A $125.00 Returned check fee and/or any additional fees will be charged for the process of the bounced check and paperwork administration fee.  If you stop payment on your credit card you will be responsible for all past payments and $125.00 for credit card stop payment fees.  You have agreed to the terms

1. Lessee have leased from Hoffmann Strings Ltd. the instrument listed on the front of this Rental Contract in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein. Hoffmann Strings Ltd. reserves the right, upon receiving this contract, to cancel the agreement if your charge or check is delinquent. It’s lessees’ responsibility to have sufficient funds. No refunds are issued when returning the instrument.

2. Lessee agrees to return the instrument in good condition, together with case, parts and accessories at the expiration of the Lease without further obligation, provided the account is current. Failure to return the instrument at the expiration of the base period or any extension shall constitute an automatic extension of the Lease for one full period, except that Hoffmann Strings Ltd. may at its election terminate the Lease and demand immediate return of the instrument, case, parts and all accessories. The lessee understands that, if lessee is delinquent in payments, the above does not qualify the lessee for a payment choice.

3. If this lease is terminated for non-payment of rental (a) Lessee forfeits the right to apply rental to the purchase of the instrument. (b) If Hoffmann Strings Ltd. files suit for the return of the instrument, case, parts and all accessories or for unpaid rental, or for damages to the instrument, case, parts and all accessories (or any combination of the above) and is found to be entitled to relief, lessee agrees to pay interest on the amount due at the highest rate permitted by law plus reasonable attorney ‘s fees and cost of the suit. (c) If lessee is current in payments, string breakage is covered by Hoffmann Strings, Ltd.

Failure to update credit card information within 30 days will incur a $15.00 late fee each month. No exceptions! Hoffmann Strings will email, and call no more than (Two)-2 Times before charging an administration collection fee of $15.00.  When you have a new credit card It is your responsibility to call 847-478-1163 to update your information.

DELINQUENCY of payments in excess of THIRTY (30) DAYS will incur a late charge of $15 DOLLARS on all rental instruments every 30 days.

If the lessee bill is delinquent, the lessor will charge $15.00 late fee for every 30 days until the bill is paid in full.
An administrative processing fee of $100.00 for delinquencies will be applied for certified letters and extra statements and or any detailed information needed for law, court, or attorneys.

DELINQUENCY of payments in excess of THIRTY (30) DAYS VOIDS ALL option to purchase and maintenance agreement.

Act or Acts of God do not terminate this contract until this instrument is returned to the property of Hoffmann Strings. If this was in a flood, tornado, hurricane, or fire, proof will need to be provided.  Viruses, Health issues, Death, or closure of schools, academy’s, private lessons will not terminate this contract until returned to the property of Hoffmann Strings.
Phone Calls and or emails do not automatically stop or cancel this rental contract until this instrument is returned to the property of Hoffmann Strings. If the above happens Hoffmann Strings will provide special hours to serve you as best as they can by law and or Government.

4. There are no oral agreements or warranties in this transaction. To have a valid contract lessee must fill in every space provided. No P.O. boxes will be accepted.

5. Lessee acknowledges receipt of a fully executed copy of this Rental Contract, executed by both parties.

6. Lessee authorizes Hoffmann Strings Ltd. to charge my credit card for rental and late fees incurred after 30 days past due. Lessee needs to update any credit card on file to avoid late charges.

7. Lessee also agrees that should the account become more than (60) days past due. Lesser charge bill the Lessee’s credit card for the full market purchase price of the instrument, case, parts and all accessories.

8. If the account goes to a collection agency, Lessee is responsible for all fees charged by the collection agency. Any late fees, certified letter fees, or open invoice amounts as charged by Hoffmann Strings Ltd. are also the lessee’s responsibility. All fees collected by the collection agency, including late fees, attorney fees, and court costs that may apply will also be charged to the lessee.

If the lessee returns the instrument within a 5 day period of the start date of the rental quarter, Hoffmann Strings Ltd. will refund the lessee. If returned after the 5 day period, Hoffmann Strings Ltd. will not refund any amount of money. This contract is quarterly.

This contract is fully satisfied when the instrument is terminated and returned, and outstanding bills are paid in full.

Rental customers must provide a valid credit card and valid state driver ‘s license issued through the United States of America.

If lessee destroys the instrument from abuse and or neglect, the lessee will be charged the full amount of the instrument value and a minimum charge of $500.00 will be charged to you.

If lessee’s bill is paid in full, lessee has maintenance coverage against string breakage and insurance for, theft, and fire with police or fire report provided in such event that their proper papers are filed with authorities. No instrument will be reissued without proper documentation with authorities.

Failure to update credit card within 30 days will incur a $15.00 late fee each month.  No exceptions.

Are there any other fees?
Lessees returning instruments with missing items that that are considered a permanent part of the outfit will incur the following charges:

Missing Blanket $20.00
Missing Strap (each) $10.00
Missing Violin Bow $85.00
Missing Viola Bow $95.00
Missing Cello Bow $105.00
Missing Bass Bow $125.00
Wolf Eliminator $15.00
Removal of stickers on case $25.00
(Please discourage your child from putting stickers on the instrument or on the case.)





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