16 1/2 ” Ernst Heinrich Roth Stradivarius Model Viola Year 1982


The instrument is labeled and the label reads:

Ernst Heinrich Roth
Bubenreuth-Erlangen 1982

This 16 1/2 ” Ernst Heinrich Roth Stradivarius Model viola was made in 1982 in Bubenreuth, Erlangen, Germany.  The highly respected Roth family has been making bowed string instruments for eight generations and it continues even today. The viola is in good condition and shows cosmetic wear on the spruce top and the maple back plate.
Tonally this viola is well balance, projects well, with a warm ready quality to its sound. The instrument has an even tonal character on all four strings and the responsiveness is not overpowering. Great sound, well played look, an excellent choice for the intermediate player looking to move into a European instrument.