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Contemporary Fiddle Tunes from the Northeast of Ireland (Book) by Rowan Leslie Melbay MB30670

This unique collection celebrates the contemporary fiddle music of northeast Ireland, much of it for the first time in print. Not surprisingly, given its location and long history of traditional music, the fiddle music of this region shares some characteristics with Scottish music, yet it has its own distinct style. For those who are not familiar with this ruggedly attractive part of Ireland, this book will introduce you to some of its music and musicians.

The tunes presented here, collected by County Antrim fiddler, Rowan Leslie, have all been written relatively recently by local musicians. Each tune is offered in two versions—one with the barebones melody and suggested accompaniment chords, and a second with ornamentation, articulation and bowing details. All tune types from northeast Ireland are represented, including jigs and reels, polkas and hornpipes, marches, barn dances and waltzes, plus set dances and slow airs.

Moreover, the biographical sketches and backstories provided for each composer and tune demonstrate how the land itself, along with personal experiences and relationships, influence the fiddle music of northeast Ireland.


1. Spike and the Looney – Eoghan O’Brien
2. The Magic Potion – Eoghan O’Brien
3. Back to Front Jig – Aodán “Jaff” MacSéafraidh
4. Start at the Beginning – Ciarán Mulholland
5. The Road to Cushendall – John Kennedy
6. The Seven Towers Jig – John Kennedy
7. The Inver Bank – Patrick Davey
8. Wee Freddy – Jim McAuley
9. Ceol na Móna – Marie McLean
10. Lochlainn’s Glen – Marie McLean
11. Christopher McCormack’s Jig – Frank McCollum
12. Kathryn’s Island – Rose Murray
13. Ruth’s Cottage – Rose Murray
14. A Trip to Cork – Rose Murray
15. To Hell with Austerity – Jason O’Rourke
1. Humours of Lisnahuncheon – Brian McCart
2. Muddy Puddles and Wet Bums – Catherine Uí Sheanáin
3. Tóla’s Hurl – Catherine Uí Sheanáin
4. Larmor Plage – Kate O’Brien
5. At the Foot of the Pipe Brae – Conrad O Coisneacháin
6. Leo in the Moss – Seán Quinn
7. Vests Are the Best – Rowan Leslie
8. Louise McNabb’s – Dominic McNabb
9. Sean McNabb’s – Dominic McNabb
10. Maeve’s – Jim McKillop
11. The Road to Corofin – Jim McKillop
12. Break Your Bow Arm – Johnny Murphy
13. I’ll Hold that for You – Jim McAuley
14. The Redundancy – Leo Brown
1. Cushendun Polka No. 1 – Seán Quinn
2. Cushendun Polka No. 2 – Seán Quinn
3. The Frozen Mouse Polka – Jason O’Rourke
4. Granny’s Polka – Jim McAuley
5. The Stoker – Rowan Leslie
6. Nailed It – Rowan Leslie
1. The Home Ruler – Frank McCollum
2. The Hangman’s Noose – Frank McCollum
3. Eddie Montgomery’s – Gregory Gault
4. The Choral Hornpipe – Rowan Leslie
5. Blackthorn and Willow – Rowan Leslie
6. The Derrykeighan Hornpipe – Seán Quinn
7. For Maeve – Jim McKillop
8. Maggie’s Boys – Leo Brown
1. South Derry March – Brian McCart
2. Paddy McGrath’s March – Brian McCart
3. Maurice Duncan’s Trip to Ballycastle – Dick Glasgow
4. The Derrykeighan Stone – Dick Glasgow
5. Huyton March – Harry O’Neill
6. Bainis na hAontroma – Aodán “Jaff” MacSéafraidh
Waltzes and Barn Dances
1. Waltz of the White Lilies – Kate O’Brien
2. The Waltz of the Spirits – Jason O’Rourke
3. Emma and Kenny’s First Dance – Rowan Leslie
4. Maria O’Connor’s Waltz – Brian McCart
5. Down to Broughmore – Leo Brown
6. The Ballymena Boat Train – Patrick Davey
7. The Ballyeamon Barn Dance – Ciarán Mulholland
8. The Sweet Redbreast – Johnny Murphy
9. Tom O’Neill of Carey House – Johnny Murphy
Set Dances and Slow Airs
1. Atlantic Swell – Laura Smyth
2. The Warrior Queen – Laura Smyth
3. Elizabeth’s Pride – Rose Murray
4. Shadow on the Moon – Rowan Leslie
5. Dungiman ngulam nga Gubbi Gubbi – Aodán “Jaff” MacSéafraidh
6. To the Years That Fly – Rowan Leslie

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