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Gypsy Violin (Book + Online Audio) by Mary Ann Harbar (Willis) MB95538M

This book contains practice tips, a helpful glossary, a short essay on the Gypsy touch and a fine assortment of approximately 50 annotated traditional Gypsy tunes from Russia, Romania, Hungary, and Bessarabia. Based on many years of research, travel, and participation in slavas or Gypsy jam sessions, this long-anticipated book makes a significant and colorful contribution to the violin repertoire while providing a thorough grounding in the characteristic elements of the passionate Gypsy style. Includes access to online audio containing every song in the book at performance tempo with violin accompaniment. Intermediate to advanced.

Abandoned (Elhagyatva)
B Minor Hora
Beautiful Blue Eyes (Aza Szep)
Beautiful Rose (Szep A Rozsam)
Bessarabian Girl (Bessarabyanka)
Bihari Kesergo
C Major Friss
Casino (Kaszino) Csardas
Cigarettes (Papirossen)
Clarinet (Klarinet) Csardas
D Major Hora
Dark Eyes (Otchi Tchornyia)
Dobra Dobra
G Major Hora
Gloomy Sunday (Somoru Vasharnop)
Go Ahead Bug, Sting Me! (Csipd Meg, Bogar!)
Heavenly (Istenes) Csardas
Hey Delade
Hora From Bucovina (Hora Bucovinei)
I Like Dances From Somlecan (Drag Mi Jocul Somleca)
If You Love Me, Never Leave (Fa Leszek, Ha Fanak V)
Invitation To Dance (Most Kezdodik A Tanc)
March Hora (Hora Martisorului)
Mezosegi Hora (Mezosegi Tanc)
Moldavian Hora
My Gypsy Girl (Moye Tziganochki)
No More Grey-Haired Ladies For Me (Nem Kell A Szok)
Romanian Train Song
Swallows Flying (Repul A Szan)
Szureti Dance (Szureti Tanc)
The Basso
The Cottage With The Green Window Frames (Zoldabla)
The Forest Is Even Prettier In The Fall (Szep Az E)
The Horse’s Head Can Handle My Sorrow (Nagy A Feje)
The Loveliest Girl In The World (Csak Egy Kislany)
The Old Gypsy (A Ven Cigany)
The Rajko School Song
The Wheat And Barley Are Scarce (Ritka Buza, Ritka)
Turquoise Bracelets (Beryuzoviye Kalyechke)
Two Guitars (Dve Guitari)
Whistling Hora (Futtyhora)
Your Blue Eyes Are Stunning (Jaj De Ket Szep Szeme)
Your Red Polka Dot Dress (Piros Pettyes Ruhaskadba)

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