Liebenzeller Gold #1 -Violin Rosin #1


Liebenzeller Gold is a particularly well balanced rosin. The tone becomes round, full, and warm, at the same time brilliantly clear and transparent. It is very flexible and best suited to extract different timbres from the instrument. The Gold is graded from I (the hardest) to IV (the softest)

Gold I for violin: harder, excellent for solo playing, offers superior clarity

Gold II for violin/viola: slightly softer, nice balance of warmth and projection

Gold III for viola/cello: softer, more subtle, able to smooth out any harsh instrument qualities

Gold IV for cello: soft, provides excellent feel, enhances even the slightest nuance

Gold V H for double bass: soft, uniquely balanced, more mellow

Designed to provide a more blended sound for ensemble playing, without sacrificing clarity or articulation.

Produces a very nice rich warm tone Great rosin on a Coda Bow GX Violin