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One Step At A Time: Violin Book I Book by Jennie Lou Klim

ONE STEP AT A TIME, a series of five books, is a classical approach to teaching music to students of all ages, through the study of the violin. It is a method for teachers with many diverse backgrounds, amount of training, and expertise, who are looking for a guide that begins with note reading from the very beginning. It has evolved over a lifetime of teaching violin in a private studio. The strength of this method is in its simplicity of uncomplicated and uncluttered pages, which are presented in a logical, sequential, and easy to understand manner. The fundamentals of violin playing are introduced, one at a time, with a solid emphasis on pitch development through careful listening. Since only one concept is introduced on each page, and no clever distractions, the student learns to read music in the first few lessons. The method begins with the introduction of the notes on the E string, without any mention of letter names or counting the rhythm. As each new note is presented, there is the proper fingering for that one note. In subsequent pages, there is no more fingering. In this way, the emphasis is on becoming fluent in reading the printed note. The music on the early pages remains simple so that the student can concentrate on the music while producing a solid tone. Theory is introduced as needed after the student has gained fluency and ease. There are suggestions for the teacher, on each page. These are merely given as a guide. Book I systematically introduces the notes on E and A strings using all four fingers. Students are encouraged to listen to the pitch, rather than rely on visual tapes. The student plays the scale, exercises, and tunes, in the Key of




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