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Prim Lisa E String Ball End

Are you tired of constantly replacing your E string?

The new Lisa E-string, by Prim, has a unique E sound: Bright, but without a harsh or brittle edge. If you prefer an E string that is well balanced with the other strings, and has a smooth and seamless sound, the Lisa is the string for you. Even better, the Lisa outlasts other E strings because it is made from specially-pulled stainless steel, with no coating or plating. Why is this important? Because as the coating or plating wears out on an E string, the string loses its mass, which means it loses its tonal center. Because stainless steel does not corrode, there is no need for coating. You Lisa will remain smooth, shiny, and responsive, with remarkable feel under your fingers.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: E
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Soft, Medium, or Hard

E String: Solid Chromesteel, Ball End

String Tonal Profile:


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