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Thomastik-Infeld Alphayue violin strings

Item Description

Thomastik-Infeld Alphayue Violin Strings – For Tomorrow’s Soloists- Game-changing- Durable Sound- Gets in tune and stays in tune- Short break-in-time

– Easy to play

Breakthrough Design: Alphayue is a breakthrough string for students of all levels — the number one choice for aspiring artists! Alphayue delights with sound qualities never before available at this price point. A high-tech synthetic core married with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality delivers a rich, sophisticated sound palette impossible to achieve with steel core strings.

The Essences of Alphayue: The experience of joy in playing is the essence of Alphayue, The advanced synthetic core offers an unparalleled sound quality and a gentle feeling on your fingertips. The strings quickly perk up to their full potential and are instantly responsive. Alphayue strings improve the sound of even the most basic student instruments thus the sound fo the orchestra as well.

Don’t Sweat It: Over 17 years ago Thomastik-Infeld introduced the use of Monel in string development. Monel is a natural alloy, impervious to perspiration and suited for artists with a nickel allergy. Unaffected by temperature and humidity changes these strings live a long and powerful life. Alphayue D- and G- strings in 3/4 to 1/16 are wrapped with Monel.

Stress Free: With minimal tension, Alphayue strings are more left-hand firnedly and don’t stress your instrument as much as other strings.

Silver Strings Make Listening Gold: The Alphayue Silver D-string elevates the sound of the set to a warmer, richer and more velvet tone with an impressive amount of volume. The advanced technology and composition of the strings combines the advantages of an aluminum D with another convincing benefit: it offers the same exceptional response and volume of sound, but strikes with a much smaller string diameter, making it easier to install the string into your tailpiece.

Instruments, They Love:

– Neutral to bright sounding instruments combine with Alphayue Silver D (special order)

– Neutral to dark sounding instruments combine with Alphayue Aluminum D (included in the AL100 set)

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