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Fritz Gütter Sr. circa 1940 Violin Bow

Fritz Gütter Sr. circa 1940 Violin Bow

Fritz Gütter., Sr. (1890-1960) learned bow making from 1904 and 1908 in the H. R. Pfretzschner workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany. Gütter also worked a journeyman for Albert Nürnberger until 1914. He then set up his own shop in 1919 an was held in high esteem as a fine bow maker. This violin bow has the Nürnberger influenced head and lines. The workmanship on the stick is clean and precise. For the rest of Gütters’ career a certain amount of bow production was made for Albert Nürnberger’s workshop – not branded. His own bows were also sold with his stamp ‘Fritz Gütter’. This division of bows made was maintained throughout his entire career.
This will make a fine playing stick for a good player. The bow is in excellent condition and is of choice pernambuco specie, octagonal in section, sterling silver mounts, woven silver thread winding, one- piece solid silver endscrew and an ebony frog.

Weight fully haired

Silver mounted, octagonal stick stamped ,Fritz Gütter ebony frog with Parisian eye

Weight 60.0 g


Fritz Gütter

Violin Bow

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